Your booster of high quality fat & proteins!

Based on European local grown flaxseeds Linomix is your fat and protein boost to be used in animal feed.

Linomix proved it’s great benefits on animal health and economic results at livestock farms. The omega 3 and high digestible oil and protein of Linomix results in improved performances like better growth, higher fertility, increased milk production and better health.

Linomix not only provides a high digestible energy and protein boost in your feed. The benefits go much further thanks to the unique process and recipe.


Linomix Sows
  1. Shorter farrowing time.
  2. Higher milk production.
  3. Improving quality of the colostrum: Omega 3, fat and immunoglobulin A and G.
  4. Healthy and resilient sows.
  5. Higher fertility.
  1. Reduce of ammonia emissions.
  2. Better growth and feed-conversion.
  3. Better immunity.
  1. Better growth and feed-conversion.
  2. More Omega 3 in meat.
Linomix for dairy cows & beef cattle
  1. Boosting fertility.
  2. Smooth birth period.
  3. Increasing milk production.
  4. Better immunity.
  5. More Omega 3 in milk.
  1. Increasing fattening results.
  2. Better fat-meat content.
  3. Superior carcass quality.
Linomix for Laying hens
  1. Higher laying rate.
  2. Better egg-quality due to increase of omega 3.